here is my lil internet santuary, enjoy your stay :3c

I made this website because i talk SO much and i am SO cringe and i get unreasonably embarassed about it. also to use this site to host my art, music, and thoughts. making things is my passion. it doesnt matter what medium im working with just aslong as i have something to show from it im happy. i really like working on something so customizable, where im only limited by my skill. i built this website off of the sad girl online template but im trying to change it around to get what i actually want from a website and i think im getting to the point where you cant really regonize that it was. but of course my goal is to build one totally from the ground up.


  • 23/11/23- blog page, traditional art page, and new music added
  • 16/11/23- added music pages with music! more to be added
  • 28/10/23- new layout lmao
  • STATUS 16/11/23
    The current mood of paranoias_agent at www.imood.com

    things are going pretty well :]